Frequently Asked Questions


Question: "There was a notice from the Sheriff's Department on my door when I returned home. How can I find out what it concerns? "

Answer: " It is a courtesy notice to inform you that there is a personal matter that the Sheriff's Office needs to discuss with you. We are not allowed to discuss the matter over the phone due to the Privacy Act. "

Question: " How can I find out if there is a warrant for my arrest? "

Answer: " You can come to the Sheriff's Department located at 208 Court St. beside First State Bank. "

Question: " How can I get the Sheriff's Office to help me recover my property? "

Answer: " A court order is required for us to legally assist you in the recovery of your property. Unless it is stolen. "

Question: " Does the Sheriff's Office issue public identification cards? "

Answer: " The Sheriff's Office does not issue ID Cards. ID Cards can be obtained through the Drivers License Bureau. "